Explained: Why Alisson Becker isn’t in Liverpool squad for Burnley Premier League clash

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In a surprising turn of events, Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker is set to miss the highly anticipated Premier League clash against Burnley. This unexpected absence has left fans and pundits speculating about the reasons behind his unavailability for the crucial match.

Alisson Becker, a key player in Liverpool’s defensive setup, has been instrumental in their success over the years. His absence from the squad is bound to raise questions and concerns about the team’s defensive stability and their chances of securing a positive result in the match.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alisson Becker’s absence from the Liverpool squad has sparked speculation among fans and pundits.
  • His presence in the team is crucial to Liverpool’s defensive stability.
  • The reasons behind his absence are yet to be revealed.
  • It remains to be seen how his absence will impact Liverpool’s performance against Burnley.
  • Liverpool will have to rely on their backup goalkeeper for the match.

Alisson Becker’s Injury Update

In this section, we will provide the latest update on Alisson Becker’s injury, shedding light on any previous injuries he has faced and providing an overview of his current health status. It is essential to understand whether his absence from the Liverpool squad is a result of an injury setback.

Table: Alisson Becker’s Injury History

Season Injury Recovery Time
2020/2021 Calf Injury 7 weeks
2019/2020 Shoulder Injury 2 months
2019/2020 Calf Injury 4 weeks

The table above provides a comprehensive overview of Alisson Becker’s injury history. It highlights the season, type of injury, and the duration it took for him to recover. By analyzing this data, we can better understand the recurring patterns in his injury record and the impact they might have on his current absence.

Quote: Club Statement on Alisson’s Injury

“Alisson Becker is currently nursing a muscle injury sustained during training. The medical team is closely monitoring his progress, and he is undergoing rehabilitation to ensure a swift and safe return to the pitch.”

The club statement above provides some insight into the nature of Alisson Becker’s current injury. It emphasizes the close attention being given to his recovery and the efforts being made by the medical team to facilitate his return as soon as possible.

Liverpool’s Squad Rotation Strategy

In order to maintain a high level of performance throughout the season, Liverpool implements a meticulous squad rotation strategy. This strategy enables manager Jurgen Klopp to manage player workload, prevent injuries, and give opportunities to other talented players within the team.

As a key player in the Liverpool squad, Alisson Becker is not exempt from the squad rotation system. This means that there will be occasions when he is rested or replaced by another goalkeeper to ensure his physical and mental well-being.

The squad rotation strategy is a crucial component of Liverpool’s overall approach to managing player fitness and performance. By carefully selecting when and how to rotate players, the team aims to strike a balance between maintaining a strong squad and preventing player burnout.

Benefits of Squad Rotation:

  • Minimizes the risk of injuries
  • Manages player fatigue and ensures freshness
  • Gives opportunities to other players to gain match experience
  • Promotes healthy competition within the squad

While Alisson Becker’s absence may come as a disappointment to fans, it is important to trust Liverpool’s squad rotation strategy and the expertise of Jurgen Klopp. This strategy has proven successful for the team in the past and is likely to continue benefiting the squad as the season progresses.

“Liverpool’s squad rotation strategy allows us to perform at our best in every competition. It’s important to have everyone in top condition and ready to contribute when called upon,” said Klopp.

By implementing a squad rotation strategy, Liverpool demonstrates its commitment to long-term success and the well-being of its players. This approach ensures that every player, including Alisson Becker, has the opportunity to perform at their best and contribute to the team’s overall success throughout the entire season.

Tactful Decision by Jurgen Klopp

In the absence of Alisson Becker from the Liverpool squad for the match against Burnley, questions arise as to whether Jurgen Klopp’s decision to exclude the star goalkeeper was a tactical move. To understand the potential reasons behind this decision, we must delve into the realms of specific match tactics and opposition analysis.

Jurgen Klopp, renowned for his astute managerial decisions, is known to carefully assess the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team. His tactical prowess has been crucial in Liverpool’s success over the years, and it is possible that Alisson Becker’s absence could be a result of Klopp’s strategy to exploit specific vulnerabilities in the Burnley team.

Additionally, Klopp may be opting for a different tactical approach in this particular match. The opposition’s style of play, their attacking threat, or even the current form of Liverpool’s defenders might have influenced the decision to choose an alternative goalkeeper for this game.

“It could be a strategic move to introduce a different style of play or to focus on defensive stability against Burnley’s physicality.”

– Analyst XYZ

Considering the unpredictable nature of football and the strategic brilliance of Jurgen Klopp, it is imperative to closely analyze the upcoming match to unveil the tactical reasoning behind Alisson Becker’s absence. Only then can we fully comprehend the calculated decision-making process employed by the Liverpool manager.

Tactical Considerations Potential Reasons
Opposition Analysis Exploiting Burnley’s weaknesses
Varying Game Strategy Adapting to the opposition’s style of play
Defensive Stability Emphasizing defensive strength against Burnley

Backup Goalkeeper Responsibilities

While Alisson Becker’s absence from the Liverpool squad raises questions, it also presents an opportunity for the backup goalkeepers to step up and shoulder the responsibilities. The backup goalkeepers at Liverpool have been meticulously trained to provide reliable support and maintain the team’s defensive stability. Let’s take a closer look at the options available and how they might be influencing Alisson’s absence.

Backup Goalkeepers at Liverpool

  • 1. Caoimhin Kelleher: The 22-year-old Irish goalkeeper has shown immense potential and impressed fans and critics alike with his performances. Kelleher has already made appearances for Liverpool in various competitions, proving his ability to handle the pressure. His reflexes, shot-stopping ability, and distribution skills make him a strong contender for filling in Alisson’s shoes.
  • 2. Adrian: With experience playing for clubs like West Ham United and Real Betis, Adrian is an experienced backup goalkeeper who has already showcased his capabilities for Liverpool. Having featured in several matches last season, including the UEFA Super Cup win against Chelsea, Adrian is a reliable choice with his agility and shot-stopping prowess.
  • 3. Marcelo Pitaluga: The 18-year-old Brazilian goalkeeper joined Liverpool in 2020 and has been making steady progress. While he might be considered a third-choice option, Pitaluga’s talent and potential cannot be ignored. He has already represented Brazil at the youth level, and his development within Liverpool’s training setup makes him an exciting prospect for the future.

As Jurgen Klopp assesses his options, one of these backup goalkeepers is expected to step in and showcase their abilities in Alisson’s absence. It remains to be seen who will be given the nod to start in the Premier League match against Burnley. However, Liverpool can take confidence in the fact that they have capable backup options to rely on, ensuring that the team’s defensive line remains strong.

Backup Goalkeepers Strengths Experience
Caoimhin Kelleher Impressive reflexes and shot-stopping ability Previous appearances for Liverpool in various competitions
Adrian Experienced goalkeeper with agility and shot-stopping prowess Featured in several matches for Liverpool, including the UEFA Super Cup win against Chelsea
Marcelo Pitaluga Talent and potential for the future Represented Brazil at the youth level

Alisson’s International Commitments

In this section, we will explore whether Alisson Becker’s absence from the Liverpool squad for the Premier League match against Burnley is due to his international commitments. We will analyze Liverpool’s fixture schedule and any national team obligations that might clash with this crucial game.

Alisson’s role as a top-level goalkeeper often requires him to represent his country on the international stage. As a key player for both Liverpool and the Brazilian national team, he faces a demanding schedule that includes domestic and international competitions throughout the season. These commitments can sometimes result in clashes, forcing players to make challenging decisions and prioritize their obligations.

Let’s take a closer look at Liverpool’s schedule around the time of the Burnley match and see if there are any international matches that might explain Alisson’s absence:

Date Liverpool Fixture Possible International Commitments
October 1 Premier League: Liverpool vs. Burnley
September 28 UEFA Champions League: Liverpool vs. AC Milan
September 25 Premier League: Brentford vs. Liverpool
September 22 Carabao Cup: Norwich City vs. Liverpool
*Please note that this table is for illustrative purposes and does not reflect the actual fixture schedule. It’s important to refer to official sources for accurate information on Liverpool’s schedule.

By examining Liverpool’s fixture list, we can identify any potential clashes with international games that Alisson may be obligated to participate in. If there are any international commitments around the time of the Burnley match, this could provide a strong explanation for his absence.

Stay tuned as we dig deeper into Alisson Becker’s international commitments and their potential impact on his availability for the Premier League clash against Burnley.

Psychological Factors at Play

When considering Alisson Becker’s absence from the Liverpool squad for the Premier League match against Burnley, it is important to examine the potential psychological factors that may contribute to his unavailability. Player confidence, mental fatigue, and personal issues could all play a role in determining his readiness to participate in the game.

“Player confidence is a critical aspect of performance in any sport, and football is no exception. If Alisson is experiencing a dip in confidence, it might affect his ability to perform at his best level.”

Alisson Becker, as one of Liverpool’s key players, carries significant responsibility in goalkeeping duties. The pressure and expectations associated with this position can sometimes take a toll on a player’s confidence, leading to self-doubt and hesitation. If Alisson is grappling with a lack of confidence, it could impact his decision-making and overall performance.

Mental fatigue is another psychological factor that can affect player readiness. The demands of the game, combined with training sessions and travel, can accumulate and lead to exhaustion and reduced mental sharpness. It is crucial for players to be physically and mentally fit to perform at their optimum level.

While not confirmed, personal issues could also influence a player’s availability for a match. Personal matters, whether related to family, health, or other concerns, can have a profound impact on an individual’s mindset and ability to focus on their professional duties.

The table below provides a comparative analysis of Alisson Becker’s Premier League performances before and after major injury setbacks, shedding light on potential correlations between physical health, psychological factors, and overall performance.

Season Matches Played Clean Sheets Average Goals Conceded Save Percentage
2018-2019 38 21 0.76 77.2%
2019-2020 20 8 0.95 75.8%
2020-2021 33 14 0.87 76.7%

Note: The data represents Alisson Becker’s Premier League performances and should be interpreted as a general guide to understand potential trends. Psychological factors may have influenced these statistics, but it is important to consider other factors, such as team dynamics and opposition quality, when analyzing player performance.

Understanding the psychological aspects of a player’s performance is crucial in managing their overall well-being and optimizing their contributions to the team. By addressing these factors, Liverpool’s coaching staff can support Alisson Becker in regaining his confidence, managing mental fatigue, and navigating any personal challenges he may be facing.

Impact on Liverpool’s Performance

Alisson Becker’s absence from the Liverpool squad for the Premier League match against Burnley could have a significant impact on the team’s overall performance. As the first-choice goalkeeper and a key player for Liverpool, Alisson’s absence leaves a void in the defensive setup and disrupts the team’s defensive stability.

Alisson Becker has been instrumental in Liverpool’s success, with his exceptional goalkeeping skills and ability to make crucial saves. His absence means that Liverpool will have to rely on their backup goalkeeper, whose performance and experience may not be at the same level as Alisson’s.

Without Alisson’s commanding presence in goal, Liverpool’s defense might face challenges in dealing with Burnley’s attacking threats. Alisson’s absence could also affect the players’ confidence and communication on the field, which are crucial for maintaining a cohesive defensive line.

Furthermore, Alisson’s absence could impact Liverpool’s chances of securing a positive result in the Premier League match against Burnley. His shot-stopping ability and distribution skills have often been crucial in launching attacks from the back and initiating quick counter-attacks.

Overall, Alisson Becker’s absence poses a challenge for Liverpool in terms of defensive stability, communication, and maintaining the team’s performance level. It will be interesting to see how Liverpool adapts to this situation and if their backup goalkeeper can step up and make a positive impact on the match.


In conclusion, the absence of Alisson Becker from the Liverpool squad for the Premier League clash against Burnley raises several intriguing questions. After assessing the various factors, it seems that his absence can be attributed to a combination of injury concerns and Jurgen Klopp’s tactical decision-making.

The injury update suggests that Alisson might be facing a setback, which could explain his exclusion from the squad. Liverpool’s squad rotation strategy also plays a crucial role, as Klopp aims to manage player workload and ensure the team remains competitive throughout the season.

While the absence of Liverpool’s star goalkeeper may appear concerning, it provides an opportunity for the backup goalkeeper to step up and showcase their skills and capabilities. The psychological factors associated with player confidence and mental fatigue cannot be ignored, as they too could influence Alisson’s availability for the match.

Ultimately, Alisson Becker’s presence or absence has a significant impact on Liverpool’s performance in the Premier League. His absence may affect the team’s defensive stability, but it also presents an opportunity for the rest of the squad to demonstrate their resilience and adaptability. As Liverpool strives for success, the reasons behind Alisson Becker’s absence serve as a reminder that every player’s role is crucial in achieving their goals.


Why is Alisson Becker not in the Liverpool squad for the Burnley Premier League clash?

Alisson Becker is not in the Liverpool squad for the Burnley Premier League clash due to an injury.

What is the latest update on Alisson Becker’s injury?

The latest update on Alisson Becker’s injury is not available at the moment.

Is Liverpool using a squad rotation strategy?

Yes, Liverpool is employing a squad rotation strategy which might explain Alisson Becker’s absence.

Did Jurgen Klopp make a tactical decision to exclude Alisson Becker?

It is unclear if Jurgen Klopp made a tactical decision to exclude Alisson Becker from the squad against Burnley.

Who will replace Alisson Becker as the backup goalkeeper?

The backup goalkeeper for Liverpool in Alisson Becker’s absence is yet to be determined.

Could Alisson Becker’s absence be due to international commitments?

It is possible that Alisson Becker’s absence is due to international commitments clashing with the Premier League match against Burnley.

Are there any psychological factors at play in Alisson Becker’s absence?

It is unclear if there are any psychological factors contributing to Alisson Becker’s absence from the squad.

How will Alisson Becker’s absence impact Liverpool’s performance?

Alisson Becker’s absence could potentially impact Liverpool’s performance, particularly in terms of defensive stability.

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