Atletico Madrid’s Epic Triumph: A Copa del Rey Thriller

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The football world was set ablaze on January 19, 2024, as Atletico Madrid delivered a jaw-dropping performance, securing a 4-2 victory against arch-rivals Real Madrid in an enthralling Copa del Rey clash. This epic encounter unfolded at Atletico’s fortress, the Metropolitano stadium, solidifying their impressive unbeaten streak of 25 consecutive matches across all competitions.

The Backstory

The intense showdown came merely a week after Atletico’s defeat to Real Madrid in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup. The bitter taste of that loss fueled Atletico’s determination for redemption on their home turf.

Extra-Time Drama

In a match that kept fans on the edge of their seats, the deadlock persisted through regulation time. However, extra time witnessed a spectacular turnaround, with heroes emerging in the form of Antoine Griezmann and Rodrigo Riquelme.

 Griezmann’s Brilliance

Antoine Griezmann, Atletico’s all-time leading goal-scorer, showcased his brilliance with a jaw-dropping goal. Evading defenders with finesse, he found the top corner from a tight angle, earning praise from coach Diego Simeone.

Riquelme’s Decisive Moment

Rodrigo Riquelme sealed Atletico’s fate in the 119th minute, securing a breakaway goal assisted by Memphis Depay. This victory served as sweet redemption, considering their previous elimination by Real Madrid in the Copa quarterfinals.

 Rollercoaster Match

The rollercoaster of emotions began with Samuel Lino’s 39th-minute goal, taking advantage of a rare mistake by Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak. The equalizer, an inadvertent own goal by Oblak, added to the drama.

The Road Ahead

As the dust settles, Atletico’s journey in the Copa del Rey gains momentum. Fans eagerly anticipate their performance in the upcoming quarterfinals, wondering if this victory marks a turning point in their pursuit of silverware this season.

Rematch Fever

The fixture schedule promises more excitement, with a third clash between the Madrid giants looming on February 4 in the Spanish league at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The previous encounter ended with Real Madrid securing a 5-3 victory in extra time during the Super Cup semifinals.

Atletico Madrid’s resilience and determination showcased in this thrilling victory underscore their quest for glory. The football fraternity is left buzzing with anticipation as the Copa del Rey drama unfolds, with Atletico emerging as the team to watch.



  1. Q: How did Griezmann’s goal unfold? A: Griezmann’s spectacular goal involved a daring run through the right side of the area, skillfully maneuvering past Vinícius Júnior before finding the top corner.
  2. Q: Who sealed Atletico’s victory in extra time? A: Rodrigo Riquelme secured Atletico’s triumph with a breakaway goal in the 119th minute, assisted by Memphis Depay.
  3. Q: What marked the beginning of the rollercoaster match? A: Samuel Lino’s 39th-minute goal, capitalizing on a rare mistake by Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak, initiated the thrilling encounter.
  4. Q: When is the next face-off between Atletico and Real Madrid? A: The Madrid giants are set to clash again on February 4 in the Spanish league at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.
  5. Q: How many consecutive matches has Atletico remained unbeaten across all competitions? A: Atletico boasts an impressive unbeaten streak of 25 consecutive matches across all competitions.

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