Finn Allen’s Record-Breaking Innings: A Cricket Spectacle

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Article Outline

  •  Introduction 
  • Finn Allen’s Explosive Innings
  • New Zealand’s Dominance 
  • Pakistan’s Struggles
  • Babar Azam’s Consistent Form
  • Allen’s Impactful Sixes
  • Allen’s Batting Strategy
  • Match Highlights 
  •  Pakistan’s Struggle to Respond
  • The Larger Context
  •  Conclusion


Finn Allen’s Record-Breaking Innings: A Cricket Spectacle

  • Cricket enthusiasts witnessed history in the making as Finn Allen orchestrated a breathtaking performance, propelling New Zealand to a commanding 3-0 lead against Pakistan in the T20 series.

A Phenomenal Display of Power Hitting

  • In the 3rd T20 held in Dunedin, Allen’s explosive batting showcased the epitome of power-hitting.
  • His remarkable feat of 16 sixes left cricket fans in awe, drawing parallels to Zazai’s record set in 2019.
  • The innings not only solidified Allen’s position in the annals of cricket history but also highlighted his prowess as a formidable force in the T20 format.

New Zealand’s Commanding Lead

  • With a series lead of 3-0, New Zealand’s dominance was underscored by their formidable total of 224-7.
  • The team, sent in to bat by Pakistan for the third time in the series, displayed resilience and aggressiveness, setting a challenging target that proved insurmountable for the Pakistani side.

Struggles for Pakistan

  • Pakistan, plagued by a consistent inability to chase down challenging targets, faced another defeat, managing only 179-7 in response.
  • Despite Babar Azam’s stellar performance, including a third consecutive half-century in the series, the team fell short, highlighting the need for a collective effort in upcoming matches.

Allen’s Impactful Sixes and Batting Strategy

  • Allen’s six-hitting display was nothing short of spectacular, with two of his shots soaring beyond 100 meters.
  • His calculated assault on Haris Rauf, his San Francisco Unicorns teammate in Major League Cricket, was a pivotal moment in the innings.
  • Allen attributed his success to a solid foundation, strategic shot selection, and an astute reading of the game.

Match Highlights and Allen’s Century Milestone

  • The match’s highlights included Allen’s rapid half-century, achieved in just 26 balls, and a century that followed in 48 balls.
  • His partnership with Tim Seifert, contributing 125 runs for the second wicket, further solidified New Zealand’s dominance.
  • Allen’s innings finally concluded in the 18th over, with New Zealand at 203-4.

Pakistan’s Struggle to Respond

  • Pakistan, confronted with early dismissals, couldn’t muster the momentum required to challenge the substantial target.
  • Despite Babar Azam’s valiant efforts, none of the partnerships reached the necessary threshold for a victory, leaving Pakistan grappling with a series deficit.

The Larger Context and World Cup Implications

  • As Pakistan heads towards this year’s World Cup in the United States and Caribbean, this series highlights areas for improvement.
  • With only one win in their last eight T20 internationals, the team faces a crucial period of reflection and strategic planning.


  • Finn Allen’s record-breaking innings will be etched in cricket history as a defining moment.
  • Beyond the individual achievement, it underscores New Zealand’s dominance and Pakistan’s need for strategic adjustments.
  • As the series unfolds, cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate more thrilling performances.


  1. Is Finn Allen’s record of 16 sixes a world record?
    • Yes, Allen equaled the world record set by Hazratullah Zazai of Afghanistan.
  2. How does Allen’s innings compare to Brendon McCullum’s previous record?
    • Allen’s 137 runs surpassed McCullum’s 123, establishing a new record for New Zealand.
  3. What challenges does Pakistan face heading into the World Cup?
    • Pakistan’s inconsistent T20 performance raises concerns about their preparedness for the upcoming World Cup.
  4. Who were Allen’s notable batting partnerships in the match?
    • Allen shared a significant partnership of 125 runs with Tim Seifert.
  5. How crucial was Babar Azam’s performance for Pakistan?
    • Babar Azam’s half-century showcased individual brilliance, but the lack of support hindered Pakistan’s chances.

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